Hubei University Scholarship Opportunities

I. Chinese Government Scholarship (Chinese University Program)

This scholarship is set up by the Chinese Ministry of Education in order to attract more outstanding masters and doctoral students from renowned universities globally and build up a group of first-class universities in the world. Hubei University is one of the few Chinese universities listed under this program. Available for: doctoral and masters students


1. Date of Application for this scholarship:

  • Applicants for Master’s and Doctoral Degree shall apply for the full scholarship before March 31st each year.

2. How to Apply

  1. Register and login the registration system for Application Online. http://laihua.csc.edu.cn/
  2. Apply online. The institution code of Hubei University is 10512
  3. Submit application, download and print 2 copies of the completed application form.
  4. Send the copies of application form and other required documents as below to our university.
    • Application Form for Chinese Government Scholarship(in Chinese or English).
    • Notarized highest diploma (photocopy).
    • Academic transcripts.
    • A Study Plan or Research Proposal in Chinese or English with a minimum of 800 words.
    • Two letters of recommendation in Chinese or English from professors or associate professors.
    • Applicants for music studies are requested to submit a CD of their own works. Applicants for fine arts programs must submit a CD of their own works which include two sketches, two color paintings and two other works.
    • Applicants planning to stay in China for more than 6 months must submit a photocopy of the Foreigner Physical Examination Form completed in English.
    • Applicants with valid HSK Certificate should enclose it in the application package.


II. Confucius Institute Scholarship

Confucius Institute Headquarters/Hanban (hereinafter referred to as Hanban) launches a “Confucius Institute Scholarship” program to sponsor foreign students, scholars and Chinese language teachers to study Chinese in relevant universities of China.

Category of Scholarship and Eligibility Criteria

The scholarship is divided into 5 categories:

  1. Scholarship for Students of Master's Degree in Teaching Chinese to Speakers of Other Languages(MTCSOL)
  2. Scholarship for Students of One-Academic-Year + MTCSOL
  3. Scholarship for Students of Bachelor's Degree in Teaching Chinese to Speakers of Other Languages(BTCSOL)
  4. Scholarship for One-Academic-Year Students
  5. Scholarship for One-Semester Students.


Documents Required

Applicants should log onto the Scholarship website (cis.chinese.cn), fill out the “Confucius Institute Scholarship Application Form”, and attach the electronic files of the following materials:

  1. Photocopy of passport photo page
  2. Photocopies of HSK-HSKK score reports
  3. Notarized highest education diploma attained
  4. Reference letter and letter of commitment
  5. Other materials required in application process


III. Hubei Provincial International Student Scholarship

Hubei Provincial International Student Scholarship is founded by the Hubei Provincial Government to support outstanding international students to pursue further study in China. Available for: doctoral, masters, bachelors and Chinese language students


 IV. President Scholarship of Hubei University

President Scholarship of Hubei University is offered to top-ranking international students who have made significant progress in academic study and extra-curriculum activities. 

Available for: doctoral, masters, bachelors and Chinese language students


V. Campus Work-study Posts

Except for scholarships, there are work-study posts provided by the university to international students who need to gain work experience and relieve economical stress.