May 2021 Communications

May 17 - University-Related Travel

As the accessibility to the vaccine increases and infection rates nationally continue to decrease, we are adjusting our COVID-19 safety protocols. Based on CDC and local health guidelines, the University of Memphis is eliminating the requirement for additional approvals for faculty and staff University-related travel within the United States. University-related international travel still requires approval by the provost for faculty travel or the CFO for staff travel to ensure that plans are consistent with State Department recommendations.

May 9 - On-Campus Vaccinations and Incentives

The University will again be making available COVID-19 vaccinations on campus in partnership with the Baptist Medical Group (BMG) on Thursday, May 13, from 9 am-4 pm in the Rose Theatre Lobby. BMG will provide first and second doses of the Pfizer vaccine to faculty, staff and students with no pre-registration required.
Vaccinations, while encouraged, are purely voluntary, and the University is offering this as a community service.
We will be offering Chick-fil-A meal coupons and select Tiger merchandise from our bookstore for faculty, staff and students who participate in the on-campus vaccination event. To receive a coupon and the merchandise, you must present your valid University ID and a copy of your CDC vaccination card dated Thursday, May 13, from the campus location.
For any questions regarding this vaccine distribution, please call 901.227.TEST (8378). Employees can use sick leave to get vaccinated, and if sick leave is not available, annual leave can be used. If both have been exhausted, please contact HR for assistance.

May 4 - Transition to Regular On-Campus Work Schedules

Dear Staff:
As we have done throughout the course of this pandemic, we continue to use the most recent guidance provided by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the Shelby County Health Department and the State of Tennessee government to inform decisions. With the broad availability of COVID-19 vaccines, latest guidance from the CDC and the Governor's latest directives, we will be implementing a phased transition of our workforce back to campus.
The University is currently operating around a 50% density with staff reporting to campus on a rotational basis. Over the course of the next couple of months, we will steadily increase campus density with 75% of our staff returning to a regular on-campus work schedule by June 1, and 100% of our staff back to aregular on-campus schedule by July 1. This transition will allow us to ensure full support for our students and faculty as we prepare to return to traditional campus operations this fall. Departments are asked to review their work plans which were developed at the beginning of the pandemic and consult with Human Resources, as needed, to develop their respective return to campus employee transition plans.
The University will continue to consider exceptions through our established ADA process to provide effective, reasonable accommodations as permitted by law. Employees may also wish to discuss alternative work arrangements with their supervisors as needed. Employees and department heads should consult with their Human Resources Business Partner when considering alternative work arrangements to ensure fairness and consistency.

For the latest COVID-19 updates from the University of Memphis, visit memphis.edu/coronavirusupdates. For vaccination information and scheduling, visit covid19.memphistn.gov/vaccine/.

We are excited to welcome our faculty, staff, students and community members back to campus over the summer and fall. Thank you for your resilience during this challenging time and for all do you to support our students, faculty and community.

Raaj Kurapati
Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer
Division of Business and Finance