Success Stories

The UofM is a regional driver in economic impact through proactive outreach and engagement in business, economic development organizations, and the community.

Driven by Doing ... Establishing Effective Corporate Partnerships with The University of Memphis.

Companies are successful when their contacts and relationships with the U of M are well organized.

Having a clear point of contact in a leadership position is key. A knowledgeable contact can help navigate the UofM's resources and assist in developing a comprehensive partnership with shared objectives and mutually beneficial outcomes.

Below are some strategies for establishing an effective corporate partnership with the UofM.

Be Active.

Companies that maintain an active dialogue with career services staff and get to know our students through internship and co-op programs are the ones who have the relationships with young alumni and expert faculty, which leads to long-term relationships.

Be Present

Corporate representatives speaking regularly in classes, serving on advisory boards, funding relevant programs, and creatively exploring opportunities result in mutually beneficial partnerships.

Be Engaged ... and encourage your employees to engage, too!

Often, strong relationships are the result of a network of alumni who are passionate about their alma mater. Alumni passion ignites engagement at all levels and in all aspects of the UofM.

Be Committed

Companies that approach the UofM for talent alone are missing out! Designate a strategic, forward-thinking senior executive who makes and keeps commitments. Clear, and committed, points of contact for both the company and the university allow for candid, yet strategic, discussion.

Be Invested

Our partners value the expertise of the UofM as much as they value their key suppliers of materials, components and services. Our corporate partners view the UofM as trusted business partners: we craft joint agendas, discuss research affiliate and partner programs, and explore investment in scholarships, equipment and software, and laboratories and facilities.