Individual Counseling/Therapy

In individual counseling, students will work with a therapist to explore their concerns and work to better understand and resolve their difficulties.

When a student is seeking or referred for counseling, here is what you can expect at your first visit. All new students will meet for a brief session to express their concerns with a therapist. Some students may find that this initial appointment is sufficient enough to resolve their presenting concerns, while others might need continued support. If the session constitutes an individual counseling referral, you will be scheduled for an intake session. At subsequent sessions, you can expect to discuss some of the reasons you scheduled your appointment and establishing and work towards goals for therapy. Individual sessions typically last 45 minutes and usually are weekly to every other week to less frequent as you progress through your treatment.

Career Counseling is also offered to all registered students and is structured to support you in identifying possible career options by exploring your vision, interests, skills, values, and life goals. Our staff works to help those undecided about their future, considering a career change, unsure about their major, or worrying about the job market.

Our center policy does limit individual sessions to 12 individual counseling sessions per academic year. This is to ensure that we sever the greatest number of students on our campus. We do offer unlimited group sessions throughout the academic year for students to utilize.

Please visit group counseling page for information on that.