Facility Management & Project Services

The Facilities Management and Project Services (FMPS) unit coordinates with the University community in performing the following functions for Physical Plant:

FACILITY REQUIREMENTS: We develop and implement programs for regular facility assessments to identify deficiencies in facility condition, configuration, or capacity as they relate to supporting customer mission requirements. These assessments document facility deficiencies which become part of the University's integrated priority list (IPL) of facility projects for which we facilitate approval and funding to correct in accordance with requirements and availability of funds. All assessments are maintained in the TBR database of facility deficiencies.

CUSTOMER LIAISON/CLIENT INTERFACE: We serve as the Physical Plant customer liaisons to the campus community. To do this, we seek to understand departmental mission requirements and develop facility solutions to meet those requirements. We represent Physical Plant to external customers and advocate on behalf of the customer to internal Physical Plant work centers. We provide training and/or education to customers regarding all facilities related processes and services, while coordinating with Campus Planning & Design and Space Planning & Utilization as necessary to develop projects and facilities solutions to meet customer mission requirements.

MINOR PROJECT DEVELOPMENT & MANAGEMENT: For projects under construction, we assure that appropriate safety regulations and procedures are implemented and that a safe work environment is maintained for employees, as well as for members of the general public who may be exposed to hazardous conditions at work sites. For customer-generated projects, we lead the pre-design phase gathering initial project requirements in concert with campus standards, develop project scope, schedule, and initial estimate, determine best methods of execution, coordinate project funding and approval, and, serve as the single point of contact for the customer. During construction, we inspect the work for fitness and quality, enforce safety requirements & standards, and administer project documentation.

CAPITAL PROJECT MANAGEMENT: For TBR projects, we coordinate review of project design packages with customer and internal staff to verify compliance with campus design standards and customer requirements. We provide oversight of the work for fitness and quality, enforce safety requirements & standards, process change orders and requests for payment, as appropriate; and administer the construction contract in accordance with TBR standards and requirements. These professionals represent the University at TBR construction progress meetings and other meetings as directed by TBR.

STORMWATER POLLUTION PREVENTION (SWPP) PROGRAM MANAGEMENT: A significant concern that we manage is the development, implementation, and enforcement of our storm water management program. This program is consistent with the TN Construction General Permit (TN CGP) requirements to reduce pollutants in any storm water runoff at the University as a result of construction activities and maintenance procedures. We ensure that post construction storm water quality best management practices (BMPs) are installed on campus and are in place and maintained perpetually. This program includes the evaluation of existing SWPP practices, development and implementation of an operation and maintenance program that includes a training component and that has the ultimate goal of preventing or reducing pollutant runoff from our campus operations. This includes public education and involvement concerning the impacts of storm water discharges on our local bodies of water.