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CPGIS Current Projects

The Center for Partnerships in GIS (CPGIS) conducts GIS work with a number of agencies including local, state and federal government and non-profits. CPGIS’ projects fall under one of the three Service areas: legacy data migration, mobile GIS or web GIS. Some projects are short-term, lasting only a few months to less than a year. Other projects are more long-term, lasting upwards of five years.

A list of CPGIS’ projects follows with descriptions available.
  • City of Memphis – digitization of city public works infrastructure and development of GIS web mapping application for use by City Council and County Commissioners

  • Shelby County Office of Early Childhood and Youth – development of an interactive GIS mapping website for Shelby County Commissioners to use when making decisions that could impact child wellbeing

  • Homeland Security – construction of the GIS program for the local Urban Area Security Initiative for emergency response to disasters

  • Urban Land Institute – creation of data packages that illustrate greenways, trails, and points of interest, viewable in Google Earth

  • Mobile GIS – mapping of nearly 750,000 features and their attributes using an internally developed, custom GIS application within ESRI’s ArcMap

City of Memphis

The City of Memphis is migrating their public works subsurface infrastructure from its paper system into GIS. Pilot scale projects have been conducted on the sanitary sewer and storm water infrastructure, a separate (or not combined) system, with the latter now a fully initiated digitization effort. As part of this same effort, approximately 50,000 engineering plans were geo-located and nearly 2,300 engineering drawings were geo-rectified. Additionally, the entire sidewalk network for Memphis has been digitized (~3600 miles) including a calculation on sidewalk widths and mapping of curb ramps. Ramp construction drawings, stored as PDF’s, are available via hyperlinks against each ramp feature.

CPGIS has also developed a custom web mapping application for City Council and County Commissioners to use in their decision making process. The website provides a host of data and search functions that allow for quick inquiries into available resources within the area of interest. The site was built using Silverlight and GIS services hosted by the City of Memphis.

Shelby County Office of Early Childhood and Youth

The office of Early Childhood and Youth teamed up with the University of Memphis’ Center for Multimedia Arts to develop a web application tool that Shelby County Commissioners use to ascertain what impact their decisions may have on youth and their families. In addition to the impacts that result from local ordinances, there are also external factors that play a pivotal role in positively or negatively impacting a youth; positive factors include Big Brother/Big Sister programs, recreational outlets and family resource centers while negative factors include features such as Quick Cash establishments, vacant lots, and high crime.

An interactive mapping website was developed to compliment the current web application so that these positive and negative environmental variables could be spatially connected and incorporated into the decision making process. Included in the available datasets are service data from LINC 211 and neighborhood characterization information from the City of Memphis’ Division of Housing and Community Development.

Homeland Security

The Urban Area Working Group, who is the governing body of the local Homeland Security Urban Area Security Initiative (UASI), has partnered with CPGIS, requesting our assistance in building the UASI GIS program to aid in emergency response to man-made or natural disasters that may impact the tri-state (Tennessee-Mississippi-Arkansas) area. For this effort, CPGIS will build the critical infrastructure/key resource datasets, provide expert opinion on the required GIS hardware/software architecture, develop applications for accessing and querying the GIS data, and offer GIS training and exercise services.

Urban Land Institute

With the construction and opening of the CSX Greenway (an abandoned rail line) this year, there has been increasing interest in recreational facilities throughout the region. Capitalizing on this interest in order to build momentum for the “greening” of the Memphis region requires public knowledge of existing infrastructure so that future connections can begin to be drawn in the minds of the general public. In order to help people in the Memphis area reconnect to their neighborhoods and explore the natural environment around the region, CPGIS is developing a resource that is accessible, easy to navigate, informative, engaging, and most importantly local. CPGIS is working with the ULI to produce a KMZ file that will be displayed using the Google Earth plugin in order to display existing greenways data, access and trailhead point data, and any supplemental stakeholder information that users can visualize as they explore the greener possibilities.

Mobile GIS

CPGIS is involved in a mobile GIS project that, due to confidentiality, we can only generally discuss. Over a rather large footprint, CPGIS is engaged in mapping approximately 750,000 features and their attribution. Data capture and data entry applications were custom developed to run within ESRI’s ArcMap application. The development of custom tools and applications for such mobile projects not only helps increase the speed with which large datasets can be developed, but also helps maintain the accuracy and reliability with which they are collected.


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