College of Professional & Liberal Studies Community Engagement

College of Professional & Liberal Studies supports educational initiatives through several grant-funded programs. These initiatives ensure our department is able to provide the best education and experience for students at the University of Memphis.

ACE Awareness Training

ACE Awareness Training for Childcare Providers is a grant funded by the Urban Child Institute. The grant focuses on recruiting childcare facilities from zip codes where there is a high percentage of children living below the federal poverty level. ACE Awareness Training provides workshops and coaching for social and emotional development in young children ages 0-4. Participants also benefit from an interdisciplinary course that focuses on the concepts of ACE awareness with a focus on social and emotional development.


LENA is a grant through Seeding Success, a partnership that represents organizations that are committed to fearlessly pursuing educational outcomes for children. The LENA Research Foundation is a 501(c)(3) public charity based in Boulder, Colorado. Its mission is to accelerate language development to improve the cognitive, social, and emotional health of children 0-5 and to close achievement gaps.