TN eCampus Proctored Exams

  • TN eCampus course exams at The University of Memphis are administered in campus computer labs. Computers in these labs are protected and can only be accessed by University of Memphis students. If you are not a University of Memphis student, you must choose another proctor at a TBR site or alternative location.
  • If you are a UofM student and your TN eCampus course exam(s) require a proctor as stated by your instructor or in the course syllabus, please access our TN eCampus course exam scheduler to set an appointment to take your exam(s). (We do not schedule appointments via phone or email.) Be sure to schedule a separate appointment for each exam.
  • If you are not able to find an appointment that works with your schedule, email your instructor about an alternative testing option called ProctorU. TN eCampus has arranged for the students to be proctored via this online service at no expense.  https://tnecampus.info/using-proctoru
  • Only students who have scheduled their proctored exam appointment online through the TN eCampus course exam scheduler will be allowed to take a TN eCampus exam at our campus computer labs. Space is limited. We will not be able to assist students arriving at the computer lab without an appointment.
  • The exam appointment scheduler will not allow anyone to schedule or change appointments during exam week. If you log into your account during exam week and cancel an appointment, you will not be able to choose another appointment. Rescheduling of appointments will only be processed with documented extenuating circumstances submitted to mewart@memphis.edu.

Don't Forget!

- You must bring a valid photo ID or you will not be able to take your exam.
- You must bring headphones for Spanish and French exams.
- You must arrive on time. If you arrive late, you will not have additional time to finish your exam. We share a computer lab with other classes so we must all leave the lab on time.
- Know your UofM user name and password before you come to take your exam.
- Know your TN eCampus course user name and password before you come to take your exam.
- Know your user name and password for any third party website (Pearson, McGraw-Hill Connect, WebAssign, etc) you may be required to access for your exam.