TN eCampus Online Courses

TN eCampus is a collaborative partnership that allows institutions to share resources and personnel needed to deliver quality online instruction. When you enroll in TN eCampus courses, you will remain a University of Memphis student and your courses will appear on your transcript as University of Memphis courses. Your class may be instructed by a professor from one of the other partner institutions and you may have classmates enrolled at other partner institutions.

How do I register for a TN eCampus online course and how much does it cost?

The University of Memphis offers over 500 online courses which can be easily identified by the section number and instructional method in the course schedule. Registration for all online courses is completed through the same process as any other course. Access your myMemphis portal and use the student page to complete registration functions.

TN eCampus courses can be identified by sections R01, R25, and R50.
Ex. BIOL 2010-R01, CRMJ 4010-R50

Please Note:
TN eCampus tuition and fees will be charged at the per hour rate in addition to the cost of other university course fees, with no maximum. Students are responsible for reviewing all charged fees in their my.memphis account prior to the semester start and working with USBS regarding fee inquiries and financial appeals. Review current fee charts.

Do I need a permit for a TN eCampus online course?

First, attempt to register for your courses.  If you received an error message, complete a permit request form.

Our office issues permits for TN eCampus online courses except for graduate level Nursing (NURS), and Education (ASTL, TEAE, or TELC) courses. For contact information to request permits for those courses, please go to the registrar's website.

  - Request a permit for a TN eCampus course. (We do not issue permits for UofM online courses. Please check the section of the course you are requesting. If it is not section R01, R25 or R50, we can not issue the permit.) 

I registered for a TN eCampus online course. Where do I get textbooks?

TN eCampus books can only be purchased through theTN eCampus Virtual Bookstore. The University of Memphis bookstore does not sell TN eCampus books. At the website, click on the "Textbook" link in the top menu, then use the the various drop down menus to find your courses and view the required and suggested textbooks. Please be sure to read the return policy and other important notices. 

- Order TN eCampus Books

Where and when do I access the TN eCampus online course site?

  • New students should review all sections of the TN eCampus Getting Started with D2L website.

  • You will not be able to access courses until the first day of the semester, and be aware some delays may occur. 

  • Students adding courses during the late registration period will not be able to access their courses for an additional 24-48 hours after their registration is complete.

  • To access TN eCampus courses (course sections R01, R25, and R50) go to gotoclass.tnecampus.org and follow the instructions to form your user name and password.  You will not use the same username and password that you use at the University of Memphis! 

  • If you have technical difficulties accessing your course (logging in, timing out, using your course tools) please call the TN eCampus Support Services at 1-866-895-8429 or go to their website at https://tnecampus.helpspot.com (Note: You must be a a registered TN eCampus student to utilize this service.)

  • You may learn more about our course management software by viewing our video tutorials and other resources linked below. You will need to use your UofM user name and password to access the videos.
  • Student Training Resources:
    1. A brief video introducing students to eCourseware can be found at Student Introduction to eCourseware. (Mac users may need to open this link in Safari.)
    2. A more detailed video, explaining how to use the basic tools of eCourseware, can be found at eCourseware Tools to Know. (Mac users may need to open this link in Safari.)

I would like to dispute/appeal my final grade in my TN eCampus online course. What should I do?

If you wish to dispute a TN eCampus course final grade, first discuss your concerns with the instructor.  If you have unsuccessfully tried to contact the instructor, please send an email that includes your full name, U-Number, the course ID (ex. BIOL 1010-R50) the instructors name, and your reason for contacting the instructor.

If you are not able to reach a resolution, and wish to pursue a grade appeal, please review grade appeal procedures for undergraduate students or for graduate studentsAppeals must be based on evidence that you performed at a level sufficient to warrant a different grade, not circumstances that would grant a different grade.  If you wish to file an appeal and your petition meets the requirements stated in the UofM appeal policies linked above; please send an email that includes your full name, U-Number, the course ID (ex. BIOL 1010-R50) the instructors name, and your formal grade appeal statement. We will contact you as soon as we have information to share with you.