Your final semester in graduate school

Be sure to complete these important steps...

1. Relatively early in the semester in which you intend to graduate, you must file an Intent to Graduate Card with the Graduate School. This can be done electronically or on paper, and all of the instructions and forms you need to complete for graduation can be found at the Graduate School Forms site.

2. Along with your Intent to Graduate Card, you also must file a Master's Degree Candidacy form with the Graduate Coordinator. The coordinator will check for accuracy, acquire the Chair's signature, and forward it to the Graduate School.

3. Schedule your Project Presentation by November 1 for Fall, April 1 for Spring, July 15 for Summer with the College of Professional & Liberal Studies Graduate Programs office, Project Chair, and Second Reader. The instructor of record for your UNIV 7996 | PRST 7998 course will be the Project Chair and the Second Reader may be a faculty member within the College of Professional & Liberal Studies or a content specialist from the university.

4. Submit your Project to the Project Chair and the Second Reader by date specified in the Project Proposal.

5. Present your Project during the scheduled time.

6. Submit in electronic format any required changes to the Project by the posted deadlines.

Deadlines: Please note that there are specific deadlines each semester for the submission of all required forms and documents. If you miss these deadlines you will may not be able to graduate until the following semester. These deadlines are published each semester on the Graduate School calendar.