History of Campus Recreation

In 1971, the newly completed Physical, Education & Recreation building, managed by the department of Health, Physical, Education & Recreation (HPER) was considered one of the finest recreation facilities around. Between 1979 and 1982, the Campus Recreation department moved from HPER to Student Affairs. In 1999, the Student Recreation and Fitness Center was renovated and the Larry O. Finch men's basketball practice facility was added. In January 2000, the building was rededicated at its grand opening as the Student Recreation and Fitness Center, which housed what was then Campus Recreation Intramural Services and the Larry O. Finch Center.

The facilities include the following: three full-size gyms, indoor and outdoor 50-meter swimming pools with an accompanying outdoor dive well and an indoor leisure pool, aerobics studio, fitness studio, steam room/sauna/whirlpool, cardio room, circuit/free weight room, men's/women's locker rooms, massage therapy room, swim club office, seven handball/racquetball courts, indoor golf range, core training room, a rowing studio/functional training court, a multi-use field, classroom, a recreational equipment room, a smoothie bar, and intramural, faculty, and administrative offices.

Philosophy and Purpose

Campus Recreation is committed to meeting the wellness and recreational needs of students, faculty, staff, alumni, and friends of The University of Memphis. Services include: exercise classes, fitness programs, leisure and nutrition counseling, informal recreation, competitive intramural sports, special programs/events, club sports, equipment purchase/rental and a variety of courses/clinics focusing on recreation, fitness, and wellness. We strive to provide the very best, safe, and supervised programs as well as the sound operation and timely maintenance of facilities and equipment.

Student Academic Success believes that Campus Recreation is essential to providing the contemporary, well rounded university education students look for at college these days. Focused on the comprehensive well-being of all members of the university community, Campus recreation brings our campus community together through enhanced services and facilities.

The UofM also believes that a sense of physical well-being, as well as the development of physical skills which lead to productive leisure time, are of vital importance to campus life. Active participation in sports and other leisure activities contributes positively to the total educational process through the development of skills essential for everyday life. Campus Recreation appreciates the meaningfulness and importance of leisure time in our students' stressful lives and we develop our programs to support them.


  • Motivate more students, faculty, staff and other members to exercise at the Recreation Center.
  • Provide services and facilities that are pleasing to the vast majority of students, faculty, staff, and other members
  • Communicate life lessons through participation in intramural programs
  • Effectively instill principles of healthy living through programming, student learning, and marketing efforts