Class Descriptions


Boot Camp:

A high-intensity workout targeting all major muscle groups that consists of a strength and cardiovascular workout.


A high-energy stationary bike workout that enhances cardiovascular endurance and muscular strength.


This class features short, intense intervals of cardio exercises to elevate the heart rate and provide a full-body workout.

Hip Hop Cardio:

Hip hop dance moves add to the fun of this high-energy cardio workout.


This class combines traditional kickboxing moves with high-intensity training for an unbelievable calorie burn.


A music-driven, athletic workout inspired by the mind/body practices of Pilates and Yoga that also includes flexibility and strength training using dynamic movements.

Power Yoga:

Power Yoga is a dynamic version of traditional Yoga which focuses on faster and more intense movements through challenging sequences designed to strengthen and tone the body while relaxing the mind.

Step: Transform Live:

This revolutionary group-fitness workout is an intermediate-level, music-driven class that uses a step to give you a cardio-based total body workout.

Tai Chi:

A low-impact, ancient Chinese tradition to decrease stress and anxiety while increasing flexibility and balance.

Total Body Strength:

Increase your muscular strength, endurance, and power like never before! This class will use weighted bars, dumbbells, and your body weight to target your body's muscles.


Yoga integrates slow movements, stretching, breathing, and relaxation strategies while increasing flexibility, balance, and strength and reducing stress.