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Massage Therapy

Massage Therapy is now being offered at the Recreation Center.

Massage therapy is open to Faculty/Staff/U of M Students and Community members. Rates vary according to your status.  See Rate Chart.

To schedule an appointment, call 678-1383.

Who Benefits From Massage Therapy? EVERYONE!
Stress is personal, whether you're an athlete training for the Olympics, working out to keep fit, or a student taking several classes and working a job, too. Stress often manifests itself in headaches, cramps, back pain, and physical tension. Stress also leads to decreased energy and lower self-esteem, which may result in decreased productivity. Massage therapy reduces the effects of stress and improves your well-being.

What Is Therapeutic Massage Therapy?
Massage therapy is a hands-on approach to good health. When specific massage techniques are applied to various muscle groups, the muscle fibers respond in a number of positive ways:
*Muscle cell circulation, metabolism, and nutrition for repair and growth will be increased.
*Muscle fatigue will be eliminated more rapidly.
*Muscle soreness will be reduced.
*A state of mental and physical relaxation will be achieved in which repair, recovery, and well-being will be enhanced.

Campus Recreation Intramural Services offers full-treatment massages at the Student Recreation and Fitness Center on an appointment basis.

Massage therapy at the Recreation Center is performed by licensed massage therapists.

Massage Rates
Pay per session at entry counter and present your receipt to trainer.

Time Span



Non-F/S and Student Members



Current F/S and Student Members




Massage Gift Certificates can be purchased at the Recreation Center during regular operating hours. 

Massage History and General Information

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