Graduate Assistants (Spring 2018)

Departmental Assistants

No Picture Md Mishfaq Ahmed
No Picture Nisrine Ait Khayi-Enyinda
No Picture Katie Bridson
Daya Ram Budhathoki Daya Ram Budhathoki
Dunn Hall 120
Research Interests: Computer systems and security, network security, big data
No Picture Adithya Chakilam
No Picture Keli Cheng
Muktadir Chowdhury Muktadir Chowdhury
Dunn Hall 221
Research Interests: Computer networks, future Internet architecture, content-centric networks, vehicular ad-hoc networks
Saikat Das Saikat Das
Dunn Hall 314/210
Research Interests: Computer networks, cyber security, cryptography, software engineering
Laqin Fan Laqin Fan
Dunn Hall 221
Research Interests: Named Data Networking
Zannatul Firdous Zannatul Firdous
Research Interests: Databases, artificial intelligence, computational complexity
No Picture Bryant Ford
Ashok Kumar Gadde Ashok Kumar Gadde
Research Interests: Machine learning, data science, artificial intelligence
No Picture Aashis Ghimire
Md Maminur Islam Md Maminur Islam
Research Interests: Machine learning, artificial intelligence, big data, natural language processing
No Picture Stephen Lee
Rojina Maharjan Rojina Maharjan
Dunn Hall 314
Research Interests: Natural language processing, cyber security
Sambriddhi Mainali Sambriddhi Mainali
Dunn Hall 247
Research Interests: Data mining, data science, machine learning
Ayushi Mehta Ayushi Mehta
Research Interests: Cyber security, artificial intelligence
Tyler Moore Tyler Moore
Dunn Hall 247
Research Interests: Self-assembly of complex systems
No Picture Khang Nguyen
No Picture Trang Pham
Borhan Samei Borhan Samei
FIT 403G
Research Interests: Natural language processing, machine learning, AI, educational technologies
No Picture Sajib Sen
Quang Tran Quang Tran
Dunn Hall 217
Research Interests: Bioinformatics, computational biology, machine learning

Research Assistants

No Picture Raasi Annavajjala
No Picture Rabin Banjade
Soujanya Chatterjee Soujanya Chatterjee
FIT 314/316
Research Interests: mHealth, mobile sensor big data, predictive analytics, applied machine learning, data mining, computational modeling of human behavior
Saurab Dulal Saurab Dulal
Dunn Hall 226
Research Interests: Named Data Networking, computer security, cryptography
Senjuti Dutta Senjuti Dutta
Research Interests: Automata theory, cybersecurity
Khan Mohammad Al Farabi Khan Mohammad Al Farabi
Dunn Hall 314
Research Interests: Probabilistic graphics models, machine learning, artificial intelligence (particularly Markov logic networks)
Kishor Datta Gupta Kishor Datta Gupta
Dunn Hall 117
Research Interests: Blockchain, cryptocurrency, image processing, AI, data encoding
Md Shiplu Hawlader Md Shiplu Hawlader
FIT 314
Research Interests: mHealth, machine learning
Austin Henley Austin Henley
Research Interests: Software engineering
No Picture Anik Khan
Subash Poudyal Subash Poudyal
FIT 335A
Research Interests: Cyber security, information security, authentication systems, data mining, software engineering
Md Lutfar Rahman Md Lutfar Rahman
Dunn Hall 201
Research Interests: Theoretical computer science, computational complexity
No Picture Mithun Saha
Nazir Saleheen Nazir Saleheen
No Picture Md Azim Ullah
No Picture Berkeley Willis
Alina Zaman Alina Zaman
FIT 314
Research Interests: mHealth, machine learning