Goals of Diversity Taskforce

Short Term Goals of Taskforce

  1. Meet twice a month to share thoughts and ideas re: recruitment
  2. Meet with undergraduate advisors
  3. Invite faculty/administrators and potential students from University of Memphis, HBCUs, etc. to Zoom meetings to discuss our program and what it has to offer underrepresented students.
  4. Invite students to visit CSD website and take online tour of CHB
  5. Develop and maintain relationships with potential students who show interest in our program (via zoom meetings)
  6. Create Memphis chapter of NBASLH (Nat'l Black Assoc. of Speech-Language-Hearing)
  7. Minority Student contact person for minorities interested in the program

Long Term Goals of Taskforce

  1. Participate in middle school and high school "career day" activities to discuss SLP and AUD professions. – Contact Us if You'd like us to Come to your Career Day
  2. Develop support group for minority students in CSD
  3. Build "bridges" between University of Memphis CSD and HBCUs in Mississippi, Tennessee, Arkansas, Alabama, Georgia, and Louisiana to reach out to freshmen, sophomores with information about our program and what is required to get into and graduate from our school.
  4. Grant writing with other schools/departments who are focusing on recruitment and retaining minority students at the University of Memphis.
  5. Plan a Town Hall meeting for students to discuss differences and similarities.
  6. Create a resource room at CSD for students in need (stocked with donations)