About CSHE

Welcome to the Center for the Study of Higher Education (CSHE), a leader in higher education research and project management excellence.

The purpose of the Center for the Study of Higher Education (CSHE) is to study, promote and support life-long learning. This interest extends to both formal and informal post-secondary learning opportunities, to both institutional and individual efforts, and to both developmental needs and organizational needs. One of the primary areas on which the Center focuses is leadership development. The Center's definition of leadership is as follows:

Leadership is the capacity to discern and develop one's resources, whether human or material. It further involves marshaling those resources in resolving a problem, realizing a vision, or achieving a goal. It starts with who we are and then moves to what we do. Education is the most powerful tool in the leader's repertoire.

This purpose affirms the Center's role in fulfilling the mission of the University of Memphis to be a research-intensive university and the flagship university of the Mid-South Region of the United States. As the University develops its own role as a major research institution, CSHE will remain a vital component in the activities of the College of Education and the Department of Leadership. It will provide support for graduate and professional education in a growing field of study serving the region, the field of higher and adult education, and integrate its efforts with those of the University as a whole in fostering inter-institutional collaborations and shared projects and programs that benefit the area that the University of Memphis serves.