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Syllabus Requirements

New Concentration Template (upload to Curriculog form)

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UUC 2022-2023 Low-Impact Curriculum Changes (LLC)

Curricular requests are reviewed for approval by the various committees in each college, the appropriate department chair, and the college or school dean prior to submission in Curriculog.


Current THEC forms and policies listed below can be found on the THEC website.

  • New Academic Units (A 1.3)
  • Academic Actions Notification (A 1.5)
  • Letter of Notification (LON) and New Academic Program Proposal (NAPP) Checklist 
  • Academic Policy A1.0 - New Academic Programs: Approval Process
  • Academic Program Modifications (APM) Checklist
  • Academic Policy A1.1 Academic Program Modifications
  • Form A1.5A Establish Certificate Program Form
  • Form A1.5B Program Name Change Form
  • Form A1.5C Concentration Name Change Form
  • Form A1.5D New Concentration within an Existing Program Form
  • Form A1.5E Change SCH Existing Program Form
  • Form A1.5F Consolidation of Academic Programs Form
  • Form A1.5G Extension Program to an Approved Center Form
  • Form A1.5H Change of Instructional Delivery Mode Form
  • Form A1.5I Inactivation of Program or Concentration Form
  • Form A1.5J Reactivation of Program or Concentration Form
  • Form A1.5K Termination of Program or Concentration Form