Graduate Students

Meet Alisha Dhakal, a 3rd-year PhD student from Nepal. With her background in physics and under the guidance of Professor Sanjay R Mishra, she's researching on fabrication and electrochemical analysis of nano particles. Alisha's work holds immense potential for revolutionizing battery technology and advancing renewable energy systems.

Liyan Jacob is a third-year doctoral student in the applied physics program at the University of Memphis, Department of Physics and Materials Science.  Under the supervision of her Ph.D. advisor Dr. Shawn Pollard, she is performing research which focuses on the stability and manipulation of nanomagnetic systems for application in high-speed, energy-efficient devices.  Currently, she is using nanofabrication techniques, such as magnetron sputter deposition at the class 1000 cleanroom located on campus, to create devices that can test the effects of temperature, as well as variations in sample geometry and composition, on topological objects known as magnetic vortices.  To characterize the nanoscale dynamics of these versatile magnetic structures, some of the methods she uses include numerical simulations, Kerr microscopy, and soft x-ray microscopy.  Outside of the lab,  Liyan enjoys participating in organizations such as Society of Physics Students and the European Magnetism Association, which have allowed her opportunities to interact with fellow physics enthusiasts and travel across the globe.  In her down time, Liyan likes listening to music and hanging out with family and her dog, Gelert.

Mst. Shamima Khanom is a PhD student at the University of Memphis. She received her B. Sc. (Hons.) and M. S. (Thesis) in Physics from Jahangirnagar University, Dhaka, Bangladesh. Her research journey began with investigating the efficiency of multijunction solar cells during her master's studies. Now Shamima has transitioned her focus to Astrophysics. As a member of the MGS group, she employs advanced Machine Learning techniques to investigate the baryon cycle, aiming to deepen our understanding of the universe's mysteries and push the boundaries of scientific knowledge. Her academic research is under the supervision of Dr. Benjamin Keller.

Afsana Sharmin is completing her PhD in Biomaterials under the supervision of Dr. Muhammad Shah Jahan. Sharmin's research is to detect and analyze free radicals in orthopedic implant materials (Ultra-High Molecular Weight Polyethylene), using Electron Spin Resonance (ESR) technique. The ultimate goal of her PhD research is to analyze and compare the effects of various sterilization processes on the free radical’s behavior in UHMWPE over lifetime. She is also interested in free radical research related to human health including diseased cell and antioxidant containing food products. She earned a Masters in Physics degree from University of Memphis, USA and Jahangirnagar University, Bangladesh.

Jolaikha Sultana is a PhD student at the University of Memphis’ Department of Physics and Materials Science in Memphis, Tennessee. I am doing my research under the supervision of Professor Dr. Sanjay R Mishra. My research work focuses on magnetocaloric materials, specifically exploring their potential applications in magnetic refrigeration. As a passionate researcher, my work is dedicated to advancing our understanding of magnetocaloric materials and harnessing their unique properties for innovative cooling technologies. Magnetic refrigeration offers a promising alternative to conventional cooling methods, presenting advantages such as higher efficiency, reduced environmental impact, and enhanced sustainability.