Parents Offering Parents Support (P.O.P.S)

Being a parenting student at college can be tough. You go to class, go to work, go home to take care of your family, and rarely get a moment to yourself. That is why Parents Offering Parents Support (P. O. P. S.) was founded in 2018. 

Who we are

P.O.P.S. is a University of Memphis Registered Student Organization (RSO), which means it is run by and for UofM students.

The 2019-2020 president is PhaMeshia Calico. If you have questions about P.O.P.S. or would like to join or fill an executive board spot, contact PhaMeshia via email!

What we do

P.O.P.S. offers fun activities for parents such as getting together for a meal or doing a group activity off-campus. P.O.P.S. also plans to host useful events for parents like clothing swaps!

How to join

Visit the P.O.P.S. page on TigerZone to join today!