1 STUDENT · 1 YEAR · $1000

At the UofM, there's a group of students that would probably laugh out loud if you called them rich. Truth is, they are quite wealthy in a noticeable way. They have tons of moxie.

They are the kind of students that have to work three jobs to pay for classes and support family back home, but do it anyway. They are often told by relatives that college isn't important, but go for it anyway. The kind that start their days at 5 am and get to bed by 1 am. The kind that have seen an unfair share of hard times, but look on the bright side anyway.  These are hardworking, gutsy students who appreciate support from someone else who also has a little moxie. And that's where you come in!

Your Gift Can Change 1 Future

1 Student, 1 Year, $1,000Many of our UofM students have moxie and are working full time, juggling many obligations. Particularly our seniors who have put in countless hours in the classrooms and the library, tutoring and study groups, computer and research labs, and possibly even multiple internships.

This will be your opportunity to sponsor one of these deserving seniors (with 90 or more credit hours and unmet financial need) for one year and help them finally achieve the goal they've been working so hard for – hearing their name read to thousands as they walk across the stage at graduation.

And just like many other sponsorship opportunities, you will learn about your student as a result of your gift. You'll receive a tailored Impact Report outlining who received your gift, how it helped them, and a personalized Thank You for all your gift meant to your student.

Start Your Scholarship

With each $1,000 gift you give, a deserving senior will feel the support of a community cheering them on, pushing them closer to that dream of graduating with a college degree. And with each $1,000 gift you give, you will be recognized, placing an indelible mark in UofM history and on the story YOUR sponsored senior will tell when sharing what helped them walk across that stage.

So if you're ready to start the process, here's the rundown:

  1. Your gift must be $1,000 or more. If you give $2,000 annually, you help TWO deserving students. $3000 = 3 students. You get the drill!

  2. There are many payment avenues and options available. Give online through using the Give Now link. Or, call the office at 901.678.3953 to set up a more customized installment plan.

  3. Your gift MUST be paid within the same calendar year. So before you usher in the new year with loved ones on New Year's Eve, just make sure you've submitted your final payment!

  4. This is an annual giving program. So re-up and sponsor a new student every year to add to your UofM family tree.


  • You'll receive an annual report each year – detailing the impact your gift made has made for each student you sponsor.

  • At the $1,000 giving level, you automatically become a member of the President's Society and receive all the benefits that come with that membership.

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