JOONHYUNG LEE, Associate Professor


Associate Professor, Department of Economics

Office Hours
MW 4:00-5:20

Research Area: 

International Trade, Multinational Corporations, Trade Policy 

Working Papers

  • Production hierarchies and MNC expatriates (with Carmen Astorne-Figari)
  • Does Aid for Trade promote vertical specialization? (with JunYun Kim and Hongshik Lee)
  • The Price Effect of China Tire Safeguard (with Sunghoon Chung)


  • The role of foreign affiliate productivity in the integration strategies of the multinational firm (with Jae Joon Han and Hongshik Lee), World Economy, forthcoming
  • An empirical investigation on the transfer of expatriates within MNCs from a knowledge perspective (with Carmen Astorne-Figari), Oxford Bulletin of Economics and Statistics, forthcoming
  • Evaluation of a Behavioral Intervention with Multiple Components among Low-income, Uninsured Adults with Obesity and Diabetes, (with Ahn, S., Post, L., Bartlett-Prescott, J., & Ward, K.), American Journal of Health Promotion 32(2018), p.409-422
  • Did China Tire Safeguard Save U.S. Workers? (with Sunghun Chung and Thomas Osang), European Economic Review 85(2016), p.22-38
  • The Impacts of Offshoring on Temporary Workers: Evidence on Wages from South Korea, (with Hongshik Lee), Review of World Economics (Weltwirtschaftliches Archiv) 151 (2015), p.555-587
  • Technology diffusion and host-country productivity in South-South FDI flows, (with Hyukwhang Kim and Hongshik Lee), Japan and the World Economy 33(2015), p.1-10 (ADB working paper version: Foreign Direct Investment, Technology Diffusion, and Host Country Productivity Growth)
  • The Transfer of Workers within Multinationals and Ownership of Foreign Affiliates, Economics Letters 125 (2014), p.149-152
  • How and Where to Offshore: A Productivity Comparison at the Firm Level, (with Jae Joon Han and Hongshik Lee), Applied Economics 46 (2014), p. 1704-1715
  • Language, Ethnicity, and Intra Firm Trade, (with Peter Debaere and Hongshik Lee), Journal of Development Economics 103 (2013), p. 244-253
  • FDI Externalities and the Response of the Korean Stock Market, (with Sungjin Kang and Hongshik Lee), Korean Economic Review, Summer (2013)
  • Agglomeration, Backward and Forward : Evidence from South Korean Investment in China, (with Peter Debaere and Myungho Paik), Canadian Journal of Economics 43 (2010), p. 520-546
  • It Matters Where You Go: Outward Foreign Direct Investment and Multinational Employment Growth at Home, (with Peter Debaere and Hongshik Lee), Journal of Development Economics 91 (2010), p. 301-309
  • Regional Production Network, Service Offshoring, and Productivity in East Asia, (with Moonsung Kang, Hyukwhang Kim, and Hongshik Lee), Japan and the World Economy 22 (2010), p. 206-216