Race, Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

The COE is committed to creating a cultural climate focused on race, diversity, equity and inclusion. Learn more about our RDEI work.

COE Vision

Driven by a commitment to diversity, social justice and equity, the College of Education is a premier educational organization that engages in innovative and impactful research, teaching and service.

COE Mission

The College of Education builds on a foundation of success in research, teaching and service by:

  • fostering depth and breadth of knowledge
  • conducting relevant and innovative research
  • developing culturally competent leaders and practitioners
  • collaborating with and providing services to diverse local, national and international partners to address real-world problems of practice
  • advancing an environment where diversity, social justice and equity are paramount.

RDEI Committee

The COE RDEI Committee includes COE faculty, staff and students. The COE’s Race, Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Committee is charged with advancing an environment where diversity, social justice and equity are paramount.

Beverly Cross

Beverly Cross, ICL


Steve Zanskas, Dean's Office

Celia Anderson

Celia Anderson, ICL

Anna Falkner

Anna Falkner, ICL


Sara Bridges, CEPR


Patrick Murphy, CEPR


Melynda Whitwell, CEPR, Staff Representative

Charisse Gulosino

Charisse Gulosino, LEAD

Platt photo

Eric Platt, LEAD

Nichelle Robinson

Nichelle Robinson, TECP

Tracy Williams

Tracy Williams, Dean's Office, Staff Representative

Brea Hinds

Brea Hinds,
Undergraduate Student Representative

Sam O'Bryant

Sam O'Bryant, Graduate Student Representative



RDEI Action Plan

The COE RDEI Committee has developed a draft of an action plan to lead the College in its ongoing task of keeping RDEI work a focus for faculty, staff, administration and students

RDEI Action Plan>

RDEI Resources

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