College of Education Research

Research Grant Award Recipients

2021 Faculty Research Grant Award Winners

  • Dr. Michelle Brasfield (CEPR), "Providing Support to Educator's Affected by Trauma"
  • Dr. Eli Jones (CEPR), "Sources of Research Self-Efficacy and FirstGeneration Undergraduate Students: Measurement Considerations"
  • Dr. Andrew Tawfik (ICL), "Design and Development of Informal STEM Learning to Address Equity"

2020 Faculty Research Grant Award Winners

  • Dr. Jeffrey Byford, ICL, Growing Up in East Germany: The Making of Socialist Youth
  • Dr. Luann Ley Davis, ICL, Mathematical Problem Solving for Learners with Developmental Disabilities and/or ASD
  • Dr. Chi Li, CEPR, The Need for Clinical Training for Counselors Working in Integrated Behavioral Healthcare
  • Dr. Suzanne Lease, CEPR, A Conservation of Resources Approach to HIV Related Stigma
  • Dr. Eric Platt, LEAD, The Woodstock Letters: Communicating the History and Memory of Jesuit Education in The United States 1872-1969
  • Dr. Jade Xu, CEPR, Near-Peer Mentoring for Academically At-Risk Students in STEM Majors: A Pilot Study

2019 Faculty Research Grant Award Recipients 

  • Dr. Diana Delgado, ICL, Using Virtual Reality Exposure Therapy to Decrease Medical Procedure Phobia in Children with Developmental Disabilities
  • Dr. Yeh Hsueh, CEPR, Chinese Rural Preschool in Transformation: Cultural Changes and Continuity
  • Dr. Rachael Ross, ICL, Reading "Chutes and Ladders" using LLI as a Ladder Against the Summer "chute"
  • Dr. Eraina Schauss, CEPR, Fostering Intrinsic Resilience: A Social, Environmental and Neuroscience Intervention for ACE Exposed Children
  • Dr. Katie Wade-Jaimes, ICL, Understanding the Impact of STEM Schools in Urban Areas

Research Centers

The COE also partners with several research centers. Click the links below to learn about on-going research projects through the COE.