COE Office of Graduate Student Services

The College of Education hosts over 30 innovative and award-winning graduate degrees and certificates within our three academic departments - Counseling, Educational Psychology & Research>, Instruction & Curriculum Leadership>, and Leadership>. Visit each Department's page to learn more about the specific academic programs offered.

The COE Office of Graduate Student Services is responsible for interpreting COE policies and procedures and maintaining graduate records. It serves as the liaison between the COE graduate programs and the UofM Graduate School. The Academic Services Coordinator answers questions about the COE Graduate Programs, assists students and faculty in checking program progress and locating and processing paperwork, and coordinates with the COE Director of Graduate Studies to maintain day-to-day operations of the COE graduate programs.

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Call the Dean's Office at 901.678.4265 or email Dr. Steve Zanskas at szanskas@memphis.edu.


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