Late Withdrawals for Graduate Students

If you are a graduate student needing to withdraw from courses after the semester deadline for withdrawal has passed, you will need to follow the procedure outlined below. University policy states that students can request withdrawal "only when circumstances beyond the student's control make it impossible to complete the semester." Such circumstances include personal illness or job relocation. More information regarding the University's late withdrawal policy can be found here: https://www.memphis.edu/gradschool/current_students/lateproc.php


Support Form for Late Drops and Withdrawals: You will need one of these for each class. If you are unable to have the course instructor sign the form directly, you may attach an email from the instructor showing you have discussed withdrawal.

Schedule Adjustment: Please fill out course information completely on the "dropped" side of the form.

Include a typed letter explaining the circumstances of the request and provide supporting documentation (letter from doctor, letter from employer). Requests lacking external verification will not be considered.


All courses in a semester must be dropped, though exceptions can be made. For example: you are enrolled in an online class and a face-to-face class and your situation has allowed you to continue work online but not make it to campus. You must include this in your typed explanation letter.

Once you have gathered and completed all requested documents, please submit to the College of Education Dean's Office in 215 Ball Hall. Once the COE Director of Graduate Studies has reviewed your request, your paperwork will be forwarded to the Graduate School for a final decision.

If you have any questions regarding this procedure, please contact Stormey Warren in the COE Office of Graduate Student Services.