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As a teacher, you get the opportunity to be an agent of change in society. Good teachers become a part of the community in which they work. If you empower students through education, then it not only affects them, but generations to come. It’s powerful work. 

Teachers are always in high demand, earn competitive salaries and enjoy flexible summers. 

As a student pursuing a teaching license in the College of Education, here's what you can expect in our program.

  • First Years (Freshman and Sophomore years)
  • Pre-Residency Year (Junior year)
    • You will observe 2-3 high-quality and diverse classroom environments.
    • You will gain some teaching experience with your mentor teacher.
  • Residency Year (Senior year)
    • The Residency Year is a full-time unpaid clinical placement experience.
    • You will observe and assist your mentor teacher in the classroom 1-3 days a week.
    • You will plan, implement and assess at least two lessons per week.
    • You will transition into full time co-teaching with mentor teacher.
    • Spring Semester Only: You will lead teach for three weeks.
  • TN License Requirements (Beyond Senior year)
    • Successfully complete the TEP program through the College of Education
    • Complete the edTPA portfolio
    • Praxis CORE (Reading, Writing and Math)
      • Students with a ACT (21) or SAT (1020) do not have to take the CORE.
    • Praxis II Content Knowledge Exam(s)   

COE Student Success Team

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Freshman and Sophomores

Contact Ayanna Perkins, Clinical Placement and Induction Coordinator, prkins10@memphis.edu

Juniors, Seniors and Transfer Students

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