University Schools Research Consortium Grant Opportunities

3rd Annual USES+RC Grant Writing Award Competition 

Do you or your postdocs have a research collaboration or engaged scholarship activities that you would like to involve the University Schools? 

If so, the USES+RC is sponsoring a grant writing award competition to support your efforts in partnering your research or engaged scholarship activities in our University Schools. The primary goal of this competition is support interdisciplinary collaborations with faculty, community partners, and the University Schools such that these partnerships can be leveraged to apply for future external funding.  

Areas of Focus

Each of the University Schools provided focal areas of interest that would assist them in addressing issues or needs at their school; however, all areas of research and scholarship are welcome. 


•        Special Education Support for Students (ages 2-6) 

•        Educational and Social Emotional Effects of COVID-19 

•        Trauma-Informed Care in Early Childhood Classroom

Campus School

•        Student Engagement in STEM

•        Early Literacy Programs 

•        SEL Curriculum & Outcomes

•        Mathematical Practices

University Middle

•        Impact of Project Based Learning on Students Below Grade Level

•        Data-Driven Best Practices on Role of Assessments 

•        Impact of Rotating Block Schedule

University High

•        Entrepreneurship Curriculum & Instructional Best Practices 

•        Supporting Students in Dual Enrollment Experience



Two to four awards of approximately $1,000 each will be selected from the applications received. Funds can be used to cover costs such as graduate assistants, materials/equipment/supplies, data collection/analysis, or professional development/training.  Funds must be spent not later than March 30, 2022.


To apply, please submit your proposal to Dr. Carolyn Kaldon, PI of the USES+RC CoRS Grant Writing Competition: carolyn.kaldon@memphis.edu 

Please include the following information in your proposal:

-Principal Investigator & Contact information
-Other collaborating partners (faculty and/or community partners)
-University School(s) to be involved 
-Brief overview of the proposed work (maximum of 1000 words)
-Brief budget justification and plan to spend the funding by March 31, 2022 (maximum 500 words)
-Identified funding agency/sponsor for future project proposal submission, along with the Sponsor’s next submission deadline  

Proposals must involve at least one of our University Schools can involve other school districts/locations.  

Deadline to submit:  January 14th, 2022

Awards Announced:  January 28th, 2022