Research at University Schools

The University Schools Engaged Scholarship Consortium supports research, service learning, experiential learning, and professional practice across the school compendium and in partnership with other local schools. 

Each University School welcomes research projects and requests to conduct research activities are found through their individual websites. Please click the links below for each school.

Early Learning & Research Center

Campus School

University Middle School

For more information, please email Seungsoo Baek, Post Doctoral Researcher for Univeristy Schools at sbaek3@memphis.edu


University Schools Leadership:

University of Memphis Faculty Members:

  • Dr. Shelly Counsell*, Associate Professor, Instruction, Curriculum, & Leadership
  • Dr. Carolyn Kaldon, Research Associate Professor, The Center for Research in Educational Policy
  • Dr. Diana Ruggiero, Associate Professior of Spanish, Department of World Languages and Literature 
  • Dr. Remy Debes, Associate Professor and Chair of Philosophy
  • Dr. Alfred Hall, Assistant Dean, College of Education
  • Dr. Josef Hanson*, Assistant Professor, Music Education-Instrumental & Coordinator of Music Education
  • Dr. Stephanie Ivey, Associate Dean for Research with the Herff College of Engineering and Professor with the Department of Civil Engineering
  • Dr. Deborah Moncrieff*, Assistant Professor, Communication Sciences & Disorders
  • Dr. Chip Morrison, Faculty Affiliate, The Institute for Intelligent Systems
  • Dr. Loretta Rudd, Clinical Associate Professor & CDFS Coordinator, Child Development & Family Studies
  • Dr. Brian Ruggaber, Assistant Professor of Scenic Design, Department of Theatre and Dance
  • Dr. John Sabatini, Distinguished Research Professor in the Department of Psychology and the Institute for Intelligent Systems
  • Dr. Craig Shepherd, Associate Professor, Instruction, Curriculum, & Leadership
  • Dr. Andrew Tawfik, Assistant Professor of Instructional Design & Technology, Instructional Design & Technology Studio Director
  • Dr. Deb Tollefsen, Professor of Philosophy and Associate Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences
  • Dr. Terrance Tucker, Associate Professor, Coordinator of African American Literature
  • Dr. Ken Ward, Professor and Director, Division of Social and Behavioral Sciences
  • Dr. Todd Zoblotsky, Research Associate Professor, The Center for Research in Educational Policy
  • Dr. Susan Elswick, Associate Professor, School of Social Work
  • Dr. Michelle Brasfield, Assistant Professor, Counseling Educational Psychology & Research


denotes 2019 USRC Grant Writing Award Recipient