EECE Advising Form Instructions

If you are confident regarding which courses you should take in an upcoming semester, you may submit the online advising form below.  To do so you will need to follow these instructions carefully. If you would like to see an advisor, please send your request listing all of your availabilities to EECE_Advising@memphis.edu. Advising appointments will be made between 8:30am and 4:00pm M-F subject to the availability of an advisor.

Step 1: Prepare your proposed schedule

Log in to UMDegree and look at the Worksheets page.

Under the General Education section, look at the classes listed as "Still Needed". This is a list of the classes you still need for your general education requirements. Record the department, course number, and number of hours for each course you wish to take. You can find this information in the pop-up window obtained by clicking on the course in UMDegree. You will also need to check that you meet the pre-requisites for the course. These are also listed in the pop-up window (see example below).

Under the Electrical or Computer Engineering Major section, you will find the courses in your major that are still needed. This is a list of courses in your major that you need to complete your degree. You should also look at the flowchart for your degree. Click on the degree program you are pursuing and select the flowchart. You should select the latest flowchart. Pay particular attention to courses that are only offered once a year (Spring or Fall). Delaying taking one of these courses may lead to a delay in your graduation. Record the department, course number, CRN, and number of hours for each course you wish to take. You should also check that you have completed or are currently taking all of the pre-requisites for each course.

Example of course description and prerequisites.

Step 2: Fill out the advising form

You may use the link on this page to go to the form. Once there, enter all of the required information about yourself and for your courses. Double check your inputs for accuracy! You will then need to either certify that you have checked that you meet or are in the process of meeting all of your pre-requisites or you will signify that you are requesting a waiver from your pre-requisites (see below). You will have to submit one form for every semester in which you are requesting courses. For instance, if you are registering for Summer and Fall you will need to submit one form for summer and one form for fall. Only submit one form for each semester.

Step 3: Register for classes

After your submission, your form will be reviewed. If all is in order, your pin will be cleared and you will be sent an email notifying you that you are cleared to register for classes. You are encouraged to register for classes as soon as possible so as to give the department an accurate count of enrollment. By delaying registration, a class with low enrollment may be canceled, forcing a change in your planned schedule.

Incorrect Forms: If your form is incorrect or you do not meet the pre-requisites for the courses requested, you will be sent an email notifying you that you are required to set up an in-person advising appointment. You will need to send your request for in-person advising along with a list of all your availabilities to EECE_Advising@memphis.edu.

Waivers of Pre-requisites: Pre-requisite requirements will only be waived in highly unusual situations. In general, a delay in your timeline for graduation due to not fulfilling a pre-requisite for a required course is not an acceptable excuse for a waiver. If you select that you are requesting a waiver, you will also need to send a written justification for that waiver to EECE_Advising@memphis.edu. You may also be asked to meet with an advisor to discuss your request. As waivers of pre-requisites can negatively impact our ABET accreditation, they will rarely be granted.

After you have read and understood the instructions above, proceed to fill out the EECE Advising Form.