Hazardous Waste

Each Department is responsible for proper management and disposal of its chemical wastes. Each employee is also accountable for compliance with University policy and with federal, state, and local regulations governing chemical wastes generated within the department.

Failure to properly identify, handle, and dispose of hazardous waste places you at risk for criminal and/or civil prosecution.

The tools shown below are designed to assist you with management of your hazardous wastes. For additional guidance from EH&S, please contact Erik Tyge at ehtyge@memphis.edu or 901.678.2044.

Waste Management Tools:

Disposition of Electronic Devices
Electronic Waste Guidance from TDEC
EPA Enforcement
EPA Environmental Management Guide for Small Laboratories
EPA List of Lists
Guide to Hazardous Waste Management
Handling and Disposal of Mercury-containing Lamps
GE2025 - Hazardous Material Disposal
GE2013 - Hazardous Waste Reduction
Household Hazardous Waste
"Lead-Safe Renovation, Repair, and Painting" Guidance from the EPA
"Less is Better" ACS guide to minimizing lab waste
Lists and Characteristics of Hazardous Waste
Quick Guide to Laboratory Waste Management
Recognizing Hazardous Waste
Satellite Accumulation Area Guide
GE2001 - Shipping and Receiving of Hazardous Materials
Tennessee Mercury Product Disposal Control Act
Unwanted Chemical Declaration Form
Waste Determination Process for Spent Chemicals
Waste Determination Process for Unused Chemicals