Occupational Health Services

In order to ensure the continued well-being of our personnel, Environmental Health and Safety (EH&S) has contracted with a licensed healthcare provider to offer occupational health (OH) services. These services are primarily preventative in scope and can include procedures such as screenings and surveillance; vaccinations; clearance for respirator use; respirator fit testing; and monitoring personnel with occupational exposure to animal allergens, biological agents, hazardous chemicals, ionizing radiation, Class 3B and 4 lasers, and noise.  More information on legal requirements for providing occupational health services is available from the Occupational Safety and Health Administration and University Operating Procedure GE2000 - Occupational Safety and Health Program.

Additional information on how to obtain occupational health services is provided in the Occupational Health Services Information Sheet.  Please submit the Occupational Health Services Notification Form prior to utilizing such services.  Upon receiving the form, EH&S will acknowledge receipt and provide information needed for scheduling appointment(s) with the healthcare provider.

For on-the-job injuries or illnesses covered by Workers' Compensation, click on the hyperlink for more information about on-the-job injuries.  Please note that EH&S does not handle Workers' Compensation issues.