Why do I need this?

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration was established in 1971. Since then, OSHA and its state partners, coupled with the efforts of employers, safety and health professionals, unions and advocates, have had a dramatic effect on workplace safety. Due to OSHA and the standards it sets, your working environment is significantly safer. These courses make sure you know your basic rights and how to recognize hazards that could result in injury for you and others.

Will I get paid for this?

Employee training should always be conducted "on-the-clock."

Why did I get selected for training but my co-worker did not?

We apologize, but we are still working out the bugs in our notification system. We began our new notification efforts in 2017 by reaching out specifically to newly hired employees, only. In the fall of 2018, we grew our system to include delivering training notifications to employees under contract renewals and rehires. Our system uses an algorithm to notify employees based on the current hire date listed in their HR files, so it is not exactly a selection, per se. Simply, we just haven't gotten to everyone, yet, because their renewal hasn't triggered the algorithm. The bad news is that it is an ongoing development process that we are continuously trying to improve, so it isn't a perfect system. The good news is, if your co-worker didn't receive a personalized notification, they are still welcome to join us for any training! Please ask them to contact our office for specific details.

I'm a Graduate Assistant. Did I get a notification by mistake?

No. You are in the right place. OSHA training applies to all workers, in any industry, regardless of job duties. The University system lists you in the employment database, so OSHA training is for you, too.

My student employees are receiving these notifications, but they only run small errands and do computer work. Do they really need this?

Yep. Injuries can happen anywhere. The student could trip while delivering the mail or develop a nerve condition from typing too fast. These are still workplace safety issues, so they need to know how to prevent them and how to report them if they do occur.

My job doesn't have any hazardous materials or anything. Why do I need training with EH&S?

We understand the confusion – we do a LOT of chemical training for hazardous waste and chemical or biological exposures, but we are so much more! A workplace injury occurs every 7 seconds: the most common injuries are overexertion (lifting, lowering, repetitive motion), and the third most common injury is slips, trips, and falls (NSC.org). These injuries can happen to anyone, so we make sure we offer relevant training for everyone.

The course in Learning Curve doesn't fit my schedule. What do I do?

We are sorry to hear that. Please continue to check back for more course availability.

I'm confused on which course I need!

If you have been hired in the past 6 months, you will need to take Workplace Safety. If your contract was recently renewed or are needing to complete a retraining requirement, you will need to take Health and Safety Refresher. Any additional training is determined by your specific departmental needs.  To view a list of required training, click here