Graduation Requirements

Graduate students may choose to graduate at the end of the spring, summer, or fall semesters. Commencement ceremonies are held at the end of each of the three semesters. Even if a student chooses not to participate in the ceremony, he or she must follow the procedures outlined below in order to graduate and receive a degree or certificate from the University.

Be sure to carefully review the University of Memphis Commencement Office website.

All students must pay close attention to the deadlines established by the Department of English and the Graduate School. If a student misses these deadlines, he or she will most likely be unable to graduate until the following semester. These deadlines are published each semester on the Graduate School website. It is the student's responsibility to submit all required academic work and forms to the necessary faculty and administration well in advance of all published deadlines.

1. Early in the semester in which you intend to graduate, you must apply to graduate through the link in your MyMemphis portal. You can find a link to this and all other graduation forms on the Graduate School's Forms page.

2. You also must file the appropriate candidacy form with the Graduate School Forms (Doctoral Degree, Graduate Certificate Program or Master's Degree). You will fill out this form online and print a copy to review with your faculty advisor. Once you have obtained the required departmental signatures, submit a photocopy of your candidacy form to the English Graduate Office (Patterson 461) and deliver the original to Scates Hall to obtain the necessary signatures.

3. In the semester you intend to graduate, if you are an MA or MFA student, you must sign up for and pass a Comprehensive Exam in your area. Early in the semester, a faculty member in charge of the Comprehensive Exam Committee will schedule and publicize the date of the exam to all students graduating that semester.

4. If you are writing a thesis or dissertation, you must also follow the proper procedures as outlined on the appropriate Department of English and Thesis/Dissertation Preparation Guide webpages.

If you have general questions about graduation or your specific problem with graduation you may contact the Graduation Analyst at (901) 678-3560, Administration 215.

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