English Internship Opportunities

The internship program in the English department provides exciting and practical opportunities for students to use their English skills in professional environments. Students gain valuable experience for career development and/or graduate school work, and benefit from personal and writing growth, mentoring, and networking opportunities. English majors may also take the independent study course ENGL 4640: Internship in English, to earn three (3) hours of college credit during their internship. Students must be English majors, have already completed ENGL 1010, 1020, and 2201/2, and have secured their internship prior to enrolling in the internship course. Students should find and secure their own English-related internship or apply for one of the internship positions affiliated with the English Department (please see list below). Students must be given a permit by the English Department advisor, Bridget Wells, to enroll in the internship course. 

Current Internship Opportunities:

Internship Forms

For more information about registering for internships, visit the Undergraduate Catalog

Internships Coordinator:
Rachel Kaplowitz-Cantrell