Romy Ghanem

Assistant Professor

PT 433
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Romy Ghanem


B.A., 2008 Holy Spirit University of Kaslik, Lebanon
M.A., 2010 Ohio University
PhD., 2017 Northern Arizona University 


Academic Summary

Romy Ghanem is an applied linguist who explores topics in speech perception and production, applied phonology, and second language acquisition. Her research focuses mainly on second language speech, interphonology, and different varieties of a language. Her projects have examined issues related to nonnative speaker accentedness, the acquisition of an L2 phonology, ESL pronunciation instruction, linguistic stereotyping, and phonological convergence. Her current research explores successful teaching methods of ESL pronunciation and the convergence of Arabic speakers towards a co-created oral form.

Selected Publications 

  • Ghanem, R., & Kang, O. (2017). Pronunciation Features in Rating Criteria. In O. Kang & A. Ginther (Eds.). Assessment in Second Language Pronunciation. England: Routledge.
  • Kang, O. & Ghanem, R. (2016). Self-Assessments on the Best Point in Target Language Study for Overseas Immersion. Journal of Language Teaching and Research, 7(5), 819-828.
  • Johnson, D., Kang, O., & Ghanem, R. (2016). Improved Automatic English Proficiency Rating of Unconstrained Speech with Multiple Corpora. International Journal of Speech Technology, 1-14.
  • Johnson, D., Kang, O., & Ghanem, R. (2016). Language proficiency rating: Human versus Machine. Proceedings from Pronunciation in Second Language Learning and Teaching (PSLLT) 2015.