Liz Lane

Associate Professor, Coordinator of Writing, Rhetoric, and Technical Communication

Patterson Hall 447
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Ph.D., Purdue University, 2017
M.A., DePaul University, 2012
B.A., Transylvania University, 2010

Academic Summary

Dr. Lane teaches courses in technical and professional writing. Her research focuses on feminist activism in the digital sphere and the rhetoric of social justice. She also has research interests in new media, gender and technology, and multimodal composition.She is also a Hooks Institute Academic Research Fellow as of 2020. In 2021, she served as program co-chair for the international Special Interest Group on the Design of Communication (SIGDOC) virtual conference. 

Select Publications

  • Lane, E., & Moore, K. (2023). "The Invisible Work of Iterative Design in Addressing Design Injustices". Technical Communication and Social Justice, 1(2), 28-48. 
  • Cagle, L., Eble, M., Johnson, M., Johnson, N.R., Lane, L., Mckoy, T., ...& Walton, R. (2021, October). "Participatory Coalition Building: Creating an Anti-Racist Scholarly Reviewing Practices Heuristic". In Proceedings of the 39th ACM International Conference on Design of Communication (pp. 281-288). 
  • Sano-Franchini, Jennifer; Johnson, Nathan R,; Lane, Liz. "Teaching bell hooks in Technical and Professional Communication". College English, Vol. 80. No. 3. January 2023. 
  • Lane, Liz. (2022) "Social Design". In Keywords in Design Thinking: A Lexical Primer for Technical Communicators & Designers. The WAC Clearinghouse; University Press of Colorado. Tham, Jason C. K. (Ed.). 135-137. 
  • Lane, L. “Design Thinking and Social Design Processes as Schematics for Addressing Social Justice Issues in TPC Classrooms”. Equipping Technical Communicators for Social Justice Work: Topics, Theories, and Methodologies. Eds. Rebecca Walton & Godwin Agboka. In press with Utah State University Press, 2021.
  • Lane, L. (2021). “Interstitial Design Processes: How Design Thinking and Social Design Processes Bridge Theory and Practice in TPC Pedagogy”. Effective Teaching of Technical Communication: Theory, Practice, and Application. Ed. by Michael J. Klein. University Press of Colorado.
  • Lane, L., DeHertogh, L. B., & Ouellette, J. (2020). “Feminist Citational Mapping as Recovery and Consideration: A Methodology for Analyzing Citational Practices.” Peitho, Vol. 22, Issue 3. Spring 2020.
  • Kim, L., & Lane, L. (2019). “Dynamic Design for Technical Communication”. Experience Report. Proceedings of the 37th Association of Computing Machinery International Conference on the Design of Communication (SIGDOC).
  • Lane, L. (2020) "Feminist Rhetorical Tactics and Hashtag Movements: #SayHerName as a Circulatory Activist Discourse." (2020) Feminist Connections: Rhetoric and Activism Across Time, Space, and Place.. Eds. Katie Fredlund, Kerri Hauman, and Jessica Oullette. 20 pp.
  • De Hertogh, L. Lane, L., & Oullette, J. (2019) "Feminist Leanings: Tracing Technofeminist and Instersectional Practices and Values in Three Decades of Computers and Composition." Computers and Composition, special issue, "Technofeminism: (Re)Generations and Intersectional Futures. Print. 
  • Lane, L. and Unger, D. (2018) "Considering Global Communication and Usability as Networked Engagement: Lessons from 4C4Equality." Thinking Globally, Composing Locally: Applications for International Communication Exchange. Eds. Kirk St. Amant and Rich Rice. Utah State University Press.
  • Lane, L. (2018) "Iteration for Impact: Exploring Design Thinking & Designing for Social Change in a Client Project." Experience Report. Proceedings of the 36th Association of Computing Machinery International Conference on the Design of Communication (SIGDOC).
  • Lane, L. (2015) "Feminine Voice in the Digital Sphere: Disruptive Speech and the Subversion of Gendered Cultural Scripts." Ada: A Journal of Gender, New Media, and Technology, Special Issue 8.
  • Sanchez, Fernando, Lane, L. and Carter, Tyler. (2014) "Engaging Writing about Writing Theory and Multimodal Praxis: Remediating WaW for 'English 106: First-Year Composition." Composition Studies. 42.2. 118-146.