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Ph.D., 2008, Florida State University, English / Creative Writing
M.A., 2003, Florida State University, English / Creative Writing
B.A., 2001, University of Arkansas, English
B.A., 1997, University of Arkansas, Psychology, Cum Laude

Academic Summary

Dr. Brandy T. Wilson specializes in fiction and creative nonfiction writing, the novel, LGBTQ literature, and Women’s and Gender Studies. She is the author of The Palace Blues: A Novel, a 2015 Lambda Literary Award Finalist in Lesbian Fiction, winner of the Alice B. Readers’ Lavender Award, and an Astraea Emerging Lesbian Writers Fund Finalist.

Select Publications


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Creative Nonfiction

  • “Earnestine & Hazel’s in Memphis: A Place Known for its Dead,” Public Streets on Public Books, June 30, 2016. http://www.publicbooks.org/earnestine-hazels-in-memphis-a-place-known-for-its-dead/
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Editorials, Interviews, and Reviews

  • "Another Case of 'Only Trouble is Interesting'" (Editorial-Guest Columnist), The Paris News. 3 Feb. 2009. Print.
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