Don Rodrigues

Don Rodrigues

Assistant Professor

PT 427
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PhD., Vanderbilt University, 2017
Graduate Certificate in Women's and Gender Studies


Academic Summary

Dr. Rodrigues specializes in early modern literature and culture, digital humanities, and philosophical approaches to understanding literature. In his teaching and research, he frequently engages issues of social justice, drawing on fields such as critical race theory, feminist theory, and queer theory. His first book, Shakespeare's Queer Analytics: Distant Reading and Collaborative Intimacy in Love's Martyr, revises traditional computational attribution studies by integrating the insights of queer theory, using Shakespeare's participation in Love's Martyr as the catalyst and location for this work. Gathering insights from decades of computational and traditional analyses, it presents data that supports the once-outlandish theory that Shakespeare may have edited portions of texts in this book signed by Robert Chester. At the same time, this book insists on the fundamentally collaborative nature of production in the volume, focusing on Love's Martyr's intertextual play, pronominal confusions, and intentional errors as aspects of a larger queer-encoded epistemological framework. 

Select Publications

Shakespeare's Queer Analytics: Distant Reading and Collaborative Intimacy in Love's Martyr. Arden Shakespeare Series, Bloomsbury Publishing. Expected publication: Winter 2021. (Under contract)

Review of Queer Shakespeare: Desire and Sexuality. Ed. Goran Stanivkovic. Sixteenth Century Studies. 49.1 2018.

"Can Conversation Be Quantified? A Cladistic Approach to Shakespeare's and Jonson's Influences in Love's Martyr." Conversational Exchanges in Early Modern England, 2015.