Standing Committees and Ad hoc Committees

The Standing Committees of the Faculty Senate  are mandated by the Faculty Senate Constitution and all committee members are senators.

Executive Committee
  • Henry A. Kurtz, Faculty Senate President
  • Thomas E. Banning, Faculty Senate President-elect
  • Jeff Thieme, Secretary
  • Donna R. Jones, Parliamentarian
  • Jeffrey G. Marchetta, Member-At-Large
  • William P. Travis, Member-At-Large
Committee on Committees
  • Jill Dapremont, Chair
  • Brennan Berg
  • Mary Boudreaux
  • DeAnna Owens
  • William P. Travis

Academic Policies
Academic Support
Faculty Policies
Research Policies
Administrative Policies
Library Policies


The ad hoc Committees of the Faculty Senate are committees established by the Faculty Senate on an as-needed basis and committee members can be either senators or other members of the faculty.

Ad hoc Committees
Budget and Finance
Faculty Grievance