The Fogelman College leads Tennessee schools in MIS publications

Fogelman College of Business and Economics is very pleased to announce that The University of Memphis is the only school in the state of Tennessee to make the list of top global research schools for Management Information Systems. The rankings were calculated based on the new Association of Information Systems (AIS) Research Ranking Service announced on June 15, 2016.

Citing the number of publications in the field's top six journals from 2011 –2015, the rankings placed Fogelman College's Department of Business Information & Technology as 47th on a competitive list that included schools from 17 different countries. The University of Memphis tied in ranking with Case Western Reserve, George Mason, University of Michigan, Nanyang Technological University, Yonsei University, and the University of Auckland.

"Fogelman College's BIT research faculty focus on publishing in the very top BIT and MIS research journals. As professional scholars, we strive to improve our work by continuing our emphasis on meaningful, rigorous research projects and publications, with strong student engagement where it is beneficial," said Dr. Robin Poston, interim chair of the department of Business Information & Technology. "We have a solid base of effort to build on and plan to raise this ranking to higher levels."