Centers & Institutes

The Sparks Bureau of Business and Economic Research/Center

The Sparks Bureau of Business and Economic Research/Center for Manpower Studies of the Fogelman College at the University of Memphis provides data and analyses of economic, demographic, and business trends in the Mid-South and conducts applied research on topics affecting the state, regional, and local economies. Areas of concentrated research include economic development, welfare reform, gaming, education, economic impact studies, labor market analyses, revenue forecasting, and survey research. Research results are available in printed and electronic formats.

The Systems Testing Excellence Program (STEP)

STEP is a major interdisciplinary research initiative under the umbrella of the FedEx Institute of Technology with academic program support from the Fogelman College of Business and Economics.

The Department of Business Information & Technology is leading this Program and is tasked with building up research and curricular competencies at the University of Memphis that will help position the university as a national and internationally recognized thought leader in the science of systems testing.

Center for Workplace Diversity and Inclusion (CWDI)

CWDI is an interdisciplinary center created to foster research, workshops and seminars, student learning, and employee training in all areas of workplace diversity and inclusion. CWDI serves as a resource for faculty, students, business, and community partners who wish to understand the array of issues related to diversity and inclusion that exist in the workplace. Because workplace diversity and inclusion comprises a wide range of topics, the center encourages interdisciplinary approaches to research, education, and training while supporting innovative approaches to exploring the vast array of critical issues in organizations.

The Center for Healthcare Economics

In March 2003, Methodist Healthcare and Le Bonheur Systems, Inc. gave the University of Memphis a donation of $1,000,000 to establish The Center for Healthcare Economics in the Fogelman College of Business & Economics. The purpose of the Center is to address complex healthcare issues of efficiency, effectiveness and equity with a focus on emerging healthcare issues that affect Memphis, Shelby County, and the State of Tennessee.

The Center provides a physical and administrative structure to facilitate the study of health care and its economic impact. Through a variety of research, internship, instruction, and public services programs, the Center works closely with entities both internal and external to the University to accomplish its mission. In the near term, the key policy areas emphasized by the Center include, among other topics:

  • Study of the impact and applicability of regional and state health economics trends

  • Evaluation of government health care programs such as TennCare and development of strategies and methods for improving the efficiency and effectiveness of these programs

  • Generation of scientific information concerning the costs and benefits of various wellness and health promotion programs for employers and their employees

  • Assistance to stakeholders such as patients and employers in the promotion of cost effective dissemination of new health technologies and pharmaceutical products