Specialized Master's Programs

The Fogelman College of Business & Economics offers three specialized master’s degrees to students wanting to gain advanced knowledge in a particular area. Unlike the MBA, which is a general master’s degree, these degrees allow the student to study in-depth in their chosen area of specialty

The Master of Science with the major in Business Administration has concentrations in Finance, Insurance and Real Estate and Real Estate Development. This MS degree offers students distinct specialization in their chosen concentration area.

The Master of Science in Information Systems (formerly MSBA in MIS) degree provides its students with courses that contain the core content of all information systems programs, with the content directed toward managerial-level activities.

The Master of Science in Accounting provides students wishing to specialize in accounting the opportunity to concentrate in one of three areas: general accounting, healthcare accounting, and taxation.

The Master of Arts in Economics provides advanced training in economics for students who are interested in continuing their graduate education with the PhD in Economics or who are interested in a career as an economic analyst in the private sector or in government organizations.