The mission of the FCBE Dean’s Student Ambassadors group is to work in collaboration with the Dean to:

  • Help foster and advocate for FCBE’s diverse student body
  • Promote professionalism among FCBE students
  • Attend and advertise FCBE events
  • Represent all FCBE students during interactions with external stakeholders
  • Assist with thanking FCBE’s supporters
  • Display enthusiasm for FCBE

Dean's Student Ambassadors

Niya Allen  

Niya Allen

"I am grateful for the opportunity I have to be in FCBE. It encourages me reach out to new employers that I would otherwise not be in contact with. It gives me the chance to interact with students from other majors. I am in conversations with some people that took the same path as me. They explain a lot of their success stories and it makes it seem more real for me. Being nominated by a teacher that sees your ambition is also a humbling experience."
Major: BBA in Business Management, Class of 2022 Extracurriculars & Experience: SHRM President and Memphis Institute for Leadership and Education (MILE)


Kayley Ann Crews

"I am grateful for the opportunity to be a student in FCBE because of the professors and faculty. They genuinely care about their students’ success while constantly providing their own thoughts regarding the subject."
Major: BBA in Accounting with a minor in Finance & Economics, Class of 2024  Extracurriculars & Experience: Whole Loan Trading Intern at Raymond James

Silvia Silva 

Silvia Milena Gonzalez 

"I love being a Dean's Student Ambassador because I can share my values and culture to help students to succeed in their careers. I love all the networking opportunities to build meaningful relationships with students and employers."
Major: MBA, Class of 2022 Extracurriculars & Experience: Fogelman Women in Leadership, SHRM Student chapter. She loves going to Zumba classes offered by the campus recreation center and participating in the Professional Development Center (PDC) and International Student Services office activities.


McKayla Lankford

"I love FCBE because the networking has a family feel to it. Faculty and staff are open to conversation and assist you in your growth as a business professional. I enjoy being a Dean's Student Ambassador because I am proud to represent FCBE as well as the University of Memphis to stakeholders and Alumni. As well as assist students in navigating their business profession."
Major: MBA with a concentration in Data Analytics for Managers, Class of 2022

Extracurriculars & Experience: SHRM Student Chapter Board Member, Platinum Complete Professional Program Accomplishment Fall 2020 and Fogleman Women in Leadership

Mariana Jaqueline Paredes Preciado

Mariana Jaqueline Paredes Preciado

"I love being apart of the Dean's Student Ambassador group because it has allowed me to connect with the faculty. I can grow my leadership and communication skills, be part of a team with different backgrounds, inspire other students, and add value to UofM with my active and collaborative participation."
Major: MBA, Class of 2023 Extracurriculars & Experience: Memphis Institute for Leadership and Education (MILE), SHRM-University of Memphis and Hispanic Business Student Association

maira rodriguez

Maira Rodriguez

"Being a student Ambassador is an opportunity to promote my school by exposing to others, firsthand, the learning experience into the Fogelman College. I am passionate about community, so I like to participate in social groups to meet new people."
Major: Professional MBA, class of 2023 Extracurriculars & Experience: University of Memphis Hispanic Business Association and Global Friends (an institution that helps international students to connect with more people and, furthermore, supports the needs of the students.)


 Preet Shah

 Major: BBA in Business Information & Technology, Class of 2025                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               

"Being part of this group, I know that I will be always motivated to help other students to not only grow in academics but also explore the workshops and events FCBE offers. I am sure that together as the Dean's Ambassador Group and I can make a huge difference for current and incoming students."







Extracurriculars & Experience: A student assistant at the Center for Applied Earth Science and Engineering Research Center, the FCBE Delegate Board Vice President of Communication and the Vice President of Indian Student Association (ISA)

ellington steele

Ellington Steele

"One of the things I love most about FCBE is that all the faculty and staff here are very welcoming and supportive. They want to see me succeed and always lend me a helping hand. I am so excited to be a Dean's Student Ambassador and give back to the Fogelman community. As always, GTG!!"
Major: BBA in Accounting, Class of 2023 Extracurriculars & Experience: Fogleman Women in Leadership, Complete Professional Program (CPP) and Study Abroad Program


George Constantine Tashie

"I have met many faculty members who have truly invested in my career goals. I have also met many lifelong friends who share the same goals as me. This school has provided many opportunities for me to meet business leaders in the Memphis area and has allowed me to achieve what I wanted to get out of college, both academically and professionally."

Major: BBA in Accounting, Class of 2022

Extracurriculars & Experience: Enjoys working out and trading stocks


Thomas Valdescaro

"I love being a Dean's Ambassador as it's a way to give back to a school that's given me so many friends and career development opportunities. The FCBE is an amazing school for local students (like myself) to be exposed to a wide variety of industries both locally, and throughout the US."


Major: BBA in Accounting, Class of 2023 Extracurriculars & Experience: Avid Memphis Grizzly Goer


Jonathan Whistler

"I love FCBE for all of the unique opportunities students have for professional development. I am grateful that I am able to represent FCBE as a Dean's Student Ambassador and spread the word about the awesome programs that we have to offer."

Major: BBA in Accounting, Class of 2022

Extracurriculars & Experience: Emerging Leaders Program, MILE Program and in the Helen Hardin Honors College