Italy 2022



The largest Study Abroad group to date in FCBE leaves on May 10 and will return May 28. These students have been meeting to learn more about business in Italy as well as pre-departure planning such as conversational Italian, customs and cultural awareness.  While they are in Italy, they will visit businesses in the Tuscan region to interact with business leaders. In these visits, they will tour organizations, sample food in the agritourism industry and learn more about Italian imports. They will also experience additional excursions to Florence, San Gimignano, Lucca, Cinque Terre, among others. 

Study Abroad is both an academic and career development experience to assist students in learning global awareness, business trends in international markets, and personal career exploration.

Interested in gaining experience in study abroad or other international experience? Contact Dr. Kathy Tuberville, K.Tuberville@memphis.edu or the Study Abroad office, www.memphis.edu/abroad.