Undergraduate Programs

The Fogelman College of Business & Economics strives to provide a learning environment that fosters scholarship, intellectual curiosity, and collegiality. The mission of the undergraduate degree program is to prepare students for meaningful and responsible participation in a broad range of career opportunities in business, government, and institutional settings, or for advanced professional or graduate education. The College is dedicated to helping students acquire the competencies and attitudes for a lifetime of learning as they face the challenges of the future.

The objectives of the undergraduate curriculum at the Fogelman College of Business & Economics are to help students acquire the following knowledge and skills:


Knowledge of cultural, global, and ethical environment within which businesses operate; an appreciation of the impact of business decisions on society, the enterprise, and individuals; knowledge of mathematics and quantitative methods necessary to effectively analyze business decisions; an understanding of the role and impact of diversity in organizations; and understanding of the management of information and information technology; foundation knowledge in each of the functional departments of business and in-depth understanding of one or more specializations; an awareness of the relationship between academic theory and practice to promote informed decisions under conditions of uncertainty.


Ability to integrate knowledge from various disciplines to define business problems and research solutions; critical thinking and decision-making skills essential to solving business problems; communication skills to effectively participate in the business environment and larger society; proficiency in relevant computer applications; ability to contribute within a team environment to enhance organizational effectiveness; ability to analyze ethical situations within the context of the global business environment.