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The Fogelman Honors Program

What is special about the Fogelman Honors Program?  We assign our best, most student-friendly instructors to teach honors courses.

We make an effort to limit enrollment in honors courses, so that students can more effectively interact with their instructors and classmates.  Associating with other smart, hard-working, and ambitious students brings out the best in you.  Friendships made in honors courses last a lifetime.

Honors instructors use a variety of techniques, including guest speakers, student involvement in research activities, field trips, group projects, and the application of skills learned in class to the solution of real-world business and social problems, to provide an enriching educational experience.

Honors students are encouraged to participate in the MILE program, CPP Professional Program Certificate, Business Student Organization, and the numerous other “beyond the classroom” experiences that are provided by the Fogelman College of Business and Economics.  They are assisted in applying for scholarships and internships.

Students may participate in the Fogelman Honors Program while participating in the Helen Hardin University Honors Program.

What is the purpose of the Honors Program in The Fogelman College of Business and Economics?

The Fogelman Honors Program is designed to provide the college’s best student enriching academic, cultural, and social experiences, to assist them in their efforts to obtain satisfying employment and advance in their careers, and to participate in their development as well-rounded people who will live happy, meaningful, and productive lives.

What if I have questions about the Fogelman Honors Program?

Contact Greg Boller, Director of the Fogelman Honors Program (678-2667, gboller@memphis.edu) with questions about the honors program.