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FedEx Institute of Technology Programs

The FedEx Institute of Technology plays a major role in bringing together people, knowledge and cutting-edge ideas from throughout the region and beyond. From innovation workshops to corporate training to conferences both local and global, the institute is helping our broader community engage with emerging technologies and profit from them. Check out all the upcoming events at the FIT below and find some of our select series and talks in the sidebar.



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Telehealth for Vulnerable Populations

Learn how leading clinicians are using the latest technology to remotely serve their patients at home. Join us for a series of free, one hour webinars designed to instruct healthcare professionals, clinicians, and leaders of community-based organizations through the intricacies of enabling telehealth remote home visits.

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Machine Learning for Everyone

Join us as subject-matter experts from the UofM and the US Army Research Lab as they go over the basics of what machine learning is and how it is being applied today.

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COVID-19 Lightning Talks

COVID-19 has changed the way we work, study, and take in the world on a day-to-day basis. Researchers and faculty at the University of Memphis are making an impact in the global fight against the COVID-19 pandemic.

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5 Questions With...

The FedEx Institute of Technology sits down with the cutting-edge researchers on the University of Memphis campus and industry leaders in the midsouth to answer 5 questions about their research, work, and experiences.

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Analytics Discussion with Dr. Naveen Kumar

Analytics and data-driven decisions have become prevalent during the COVID-19 pandemic. Join us as Dr. Naveen Kumar, faculty member at the University of Washington (and former faculty member at the University of Memphis) as he deep dives into the world of analytics, focusing on industry trends, how data-driven decisions are made, and how employers can motivate employees by using analytics.

Economic Recovery Town Hall

Countries, states and cities across the globe are beginning the process of reopening their economies. Now, more than ever, the intersection of the public and private sectors will be invaluable in ensuring not only a safe reopening, but also one that reflects how an event like COVID-19 can ultimately transform ideals, innovations and services to improve the lives of the citizens they serve.

The FedEx Institute of Technology brings together leaders from the University of Memphis, the Greater Memphis Chamber of Commerce and the City of Memphis for a discussion on local economic impact, the recovery outlook, and collaboration efforts that will nurture a resilient Memphis moving forward.


Flattening It Together | COVID-19 Game Jam

The FedEx Institute of Technology and the Memphis Game Developers are inviting you to flex your creativity & develop your game design chops by creating new board/video games. Whether single-player or teleconference-friendly, the games you create during this game jam should be themed around viruses, bacteria, & the challenges faced by COVID-19.

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Fighting It Together | Virtual Hackathon

The FedEx Institute of Technology offered several remote collaboration sessions as part of a virtual hackathon designed to honor social distancing, while also addressing these critical ongoing issues many of us are experiencing. Participants worked together in teams to identify needs and opportunities with the goal of developing and implementing solutions related to virtual learning, medical shortages, and navigating business operations in an ever-changing environment.

Three new platforms were created to address the challenges faced by displaced workers, over-strained charities, and the Digital Divide.

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