FedEx Employee Tuition Reimbursement Instructions

If you are planning to use your tuition reimbursement as a FedEx Employee, please see the following instructions:

• Go to keyword: workday.
•Go to the top left search field and type in tuition. This should bring up the pre-approval screen and the reimbursement screen. You must do the pre-approval first. If you haven't completed this first, you can still get approval from your manager.

•Once your manager approves it, go to the tuition reimbursement screen and fill out that form, attach your certificate of completion and your receipt. When you submit this, it will go to management for approval as well.

• It can take up to 2 pay cycles for you to receive your reimbursement.

For companies outside of FedEx, please work with your internal Benefits or HR department to see if you are eligible to use tuition reimbursement for SAS training courses before signing up.