Support of Research Infrastructure

The W. Harry Feinstone Center for Genomic Research has developed and maintains a Biology Instrumentation Core (BIC), we provide DNA Microarray technologies as well as NGS DNA sequencing and data analysis.

In 2002, we added an Affymetrix GeneChip system for high-throughput DNA microarray analysis. In 2013, the BIC acquired the Illumina MiSeq benchtop sequencer, further advancing the center’s functional genomics focus. Today the center is capable of sequencing reference genomes for many scientifically important species. During the past year, the core has undertaken the task of sequencing the entire genome of the Tennessee Ladybug (Coccinella septempunctata) using the Illumina MiSeq sequencer.

The Center utilizes the HPC computational resources provided by ITS at the Univefluorescent_microscopersity of Memphis as well as an FCGR dedicated computer cluster. The BSIC also provide case-by-case consultative services for DNA microarray, next generation DNA sequencing, DNA size selection, cloning and protein expression, realtime PCR, tissue culture and cell transfection. This capability has been made possible by the expertise brought to the Center by Drs. Thomas and Carrie Sutter, as well as the capitalization of equipment that has occurred over twelve years since the Center’s development.

The Center provides salary support for the BIC, as well as maintenance of instrumentation service contracts. To date, the center has purchased over million dollars in advanced molecular biology instrumentation and maintains the equipment by supporting service contracts. In addition to these center-supported facilities, the Sutter Lab and the Department of Biological Sciences have established common equipment facilities (LS543) available to Biological Sciences faculty and other center members. These facilities include following equipment: Agilent Bioanalyzer Chip-on-chip technology, Covaris Ultra Sonicater, Bio Rad Molecular Imager FX (Phosphor Imager with laser upgrades), Bio Rad iCycler with optical upgrade for RealTime PCR, MilliQ water system, Sage Blue Pippin DNA size selection system, Thermofisher Scientific NanoDrop, Invitrogen Qubit Fluorometer, Ultra and high speed centrifuges and rotors, Beckman DU640 Spectrophotometer, 2 Speed-Vacuums and a gel dryer, Bio Rad Gel Documentation System with computer and a Cary Eclipse Fluorescence Spectrophotometer.