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Registration (Enrollment) Fee Information

Registration (enrollment) fees are established by the Tennessee Board of Regents and are subject to change. Click on this link for the most up-to-date fee schedule.

Fogelman College of Business Course Fee: Students taking Fogelman College of Business graduate level courses (courses beginning with 3 or above) will be charged an additional $30 per credit hour.

Engineering Course Fee: Student taking an undergraduate or graduate level engineering course will be charged an additional $20 per credit hour.

Summer Session: The summer session consists of a PreSession term, two separate terms of approximately five weeks each, plus an extended term for specified courses. Registration (enrollment) fees for the summer sessions are determined solely on a credit hour basis.

Courses offered between terms, for concentrated periods during a term, or at specific locations may be subject to fees on a per-hour basis only.

Maintenance Fee: Maintenance fees are assessed based on the course level and the number of hours enrolled. The maximum fee amount will be the graduate maximum if a student is enrolled for any graduate level courses. Maintenance fee amounts quoted in the Fee Schedule above include the Debt Service and General Access Fee components.

Tuition: Students classified as out-of-state residents by the Office of Admissions, using regulations provided by the Tennessee Board of Regents (TBR), pay the additional out-of-state tuition indicated in the Fee Schedule above. Residency regulations of the TBR are given at the end of this section. Information on appeals procedures is available in the Graduate Admissions. RESIDENCY CLASSIFICATIONS MAY BE CHANGED ONLY BY THE ADMISSIONS OFFICE.

Student Activity Fee: All students enrolled for one to five credit hours pay a student activity fee of $6.00 per credit hour. All students enrolled for six or more credit hours pay a full-time student activity fee of $44.00. Students paying the full-time fee are entitled to admission to home athletic events as well as certain health services, concerts, plays, and other student-sponsored activities and social events.

Applied Music Fee: Certain music courses require an additional applied music fee of $75.00 per half-hour private lesson per week. This fee is not included in the Fee Schedule.

Materials Fee: Certain courses, such as Art, Biology, Music, may require an additional materials fee of up to $150 per semester. This fee is not included in the Fee Schedule.

Regents Online Degree Program: Cost for in-state graduate students will be $313 per credit hour. Please note that these fees do not max at 12 hours. Cost for out-of-state graduate students will be $677 per credit hour. Fees for these courses are in addition to fees in the Registration Fee Schedule.

International Master of Business Administration Program: All students enrolled in the International MBA major are required to pay a matriculation fee of $3,000 per year. This fee is not included in the fee schedule above. The IMBA fees are subject to change. For further details contact the International MBA Program Office at the Fogelman Executive Center (901-678-3499).

Master of Business Administration Program (Executive Concentration): The Executive MBA class of 2005-2007 charges a total fee of $42,000 for Tennessee residents for the 21-month program. Out-of-state residents are charged the current out-of-state tuition rates in addition to the program fee. This program fee covers maintenance fees, tuition, and other expenses of the EMBA concentration. The EMBA fees are subject to change. For further details contact the Executive MBA Office at the Fogelman College of Business and Economics (901-678-4866).

Late Registration Fee: A late registration fee of $100 will be assessed to each student who does not complete registration prior to the first day of classes in that semester. This fee is not included in the Fee Schedule above.

Late Payment Fee: A late payment fee of $100 will be assessed to each student who does not satisfy at least the initial installment amount of enrollment fees (50% of fees after all financial aid, scholarships, and/or sponsorships have been applied for the fall or spring semesters; 100% of fees for summer sessions) by the appropriate deadline date as shown at

Auditing Classes: Fees for auditing classes are assessed on the same basis as fees for credit courses.

All questions regarding fees, fee payments, refunds, and appeals should be directed to the Bursar’s Office, Room 115 Wilder Tower, 901-678-5579.

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